Kam Details Squashing His Beef with Ice Cube at Minister Farrakhan’s Home With VladTV

Kam spoke exclusively with VladTV about the build up to his beef with Ice Cube. He revealed manipulation from both of their camps is what ultimately led to their falling out. Thinking back on the situation, the “Peace Treaty” rapper told us he was the first one to put out an official diss track with “Pull Your Hoe Card.” Kam then followed up with his diss record “Whoop Whoop,” but the West Coast rapper explained that before the album came out, he and Ice Cube had a meeting with Minister Farrakhan to squash their beef. Kam told us he forewarned Cube about the diss track, and Farrakhan talked him into making a clean version of the song and publicly dropping his beef with Ice Cube.

During the conversation Kam also spoke to us about his boy Solo (who is now the voice of Franklin in the Grand Theft Auto game series) stealing Ice Cube’s chain. Kam explained Solo was riding for him when he stole the chain, which Mack 10 allegedly bought back for Cube.


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