UPDATE: Kafani Could Suffer Permanent Paralysis if He Survives Gunshots

Rapper Kafani, legally known as Amir Ashad, was shot five times shortly after 11:30pm on Saturday night, September 29th, while shooting a rap video at the intersection of East Oakland’s Seminary Avenue and Foothill Boulevard.  According to investigators, the 33-year-old rapper was approached by a man who warned them not to film there.

“Kafani was filming the video for his diss track towards Philthy Rich in his hood and was asked by an unnamed suspect to stop. As they were packing up, the unnamed suspect opened fire on Kafani and he was rushed to the hospital by his friends.  The shots hit him in the spine and the chest and it is a miracle that he is still holding on. The doctors have pumped as much blood into him as possible and have performed many surgeries to keep him alive.”

According to doctor reports, they do in fact expect him to survive. However, they are unsure if he’ll retain his mobility “because of the spinal injuries.”

Source: diaryofahollywoodstreetking.com

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