Jury Reaches Guilty Verdict for Defendants in San Diego Rapper Cee Wee 3 Murder

The 2 men accused of killing San Diego rapper Lamar “Cee Wee 3” Canady, nearly two years ago were found guilty by separate juries late Thursday afternoon.

Defendants Dion Chambers, 51, who authorities identified as the gunman, and Ian Patrick Guthrie, 40, who acted as a lookout, worked for a fellow Jamaican, Omar Grant, who ordered the “hit” on the 32-year-old Canady out of jealousy and revenge because both Grant and Canady were involved with the same woman and Grant felt Canady was responsible for the theft of a large amount of marijuana.

Grant’s status is unknown, although there was court testimony that he died and is buried in Jamaica.

According to investigators, Canady suffered at least 14 gunshot wounds, including many to his head, when the two suspects stalked and ambushed the the father of 4 inside of his Cutz barbershop.

Both defendants have prior convictions, meaning Chambers faces up to 75 years to life in prison and Guthrie faces as much as 50 years to life behind bars, according to Roach.

A status conference is scheduled next Wednesday.

The estate of Cee Wee 3 has also announced the release of “Cee Wee 3 – San Diego 3World“. A collection of some of his last recordings and is also the 2nd release since his untimely death.


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