Junkie 2 Triumphant…A True Story

RICHMOND, VA (June 08, 2016) – Waiting until the right time, when he felt was the perfect time to release this record and video Evan Barlow continues to defy the odds and shine as a beacon of hope with his uplifting music and the release of “Triumphant” featuring McBeth. The recovered drug addict self-labeled [JUNKIE] makes music to encourage recovering addicts that have given up hope or has had hope given up on them, show casing lyrics like, “it’s you who controls your fate, what you become and how much you’ll make. And if you’re determined to shine and be the greatest, then you shall if you keep your patience.” Barlow effortlessly weaves his real life events with the angelic voice of McBeth who belts out, even with the odds against us, even though our goals seem far, we shall remain triumphant, ‘cuz that’s just what we are.”

The stunning visual captures the Richmond native’s former struggle with drug abuse and his subsequent “triumph” to break free, recover and spread hope to others struggling in life. The feel good record, produced by Daniel Wentling and Andrew Hypes, features horns by Macklemore’s famous trumpet and trombone players Ouwor Arunga and Greg Kramer.



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