Joyner Lucas Releases “Champagne For Everybody” Visual Based On YetAnother True Story

(New York, NY) November 9, 2015 –  Fresh off the BETHHA Cypher, Joyner Lucas takes us on a journey of life in his new video “Champagne For Everybody” based upon real life incidents.  Written by Joyner Lucas and directed by Ben Proulx “Champagne For Everybody” is a video that demonstrates that old saying of “forgive but don’t forget”says Joyner.

“It’s basically me talking about forgiving those who have done wrong to me and even taking the extra step and treating them to some champagne as a peace treaty. I actually wrote the video concept before I wrote the song. It’s based on the idea of “what goes around comes around”.. here I am watching everyone who’s done wrong to me fall off, as I sit in my limo and reflect on life. I’m inviting them into my limo as we pop champagne and eat together remembering what they did to me in the past. This video means a lot to me because it is very relevant to my life. I always struggled with the idea of forgiving my enemies. This video is a example of a “WWJD?” moment. As we grow we learn to handle situations differently than we normally would.



Recently winning Outstanding Artist of the Year award, Joyner Lucas also won Best Video of the Year for his breakout video “Ross Capicchioni,” at this year’s Underground Music Awards (UMAs) in New York City. Prepping for the release of his EP “Hollywood” slated to release this month, Joyner Lucas continues to release passionate double-take visuals that evoke emotion from his fans. Committed to his craft, keep up with Joyner Lucas @joynerlucas on all social media platforms.

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