JohnBoyCOOL – HOOD2Hollywood

Compton, California bred rap artist, JohnBoyCOOL releases his highly anticipated new mixed tape entitled HOOD2HOLLYWOOD for the summer. With the help of some of the hottest unsigned Los Angeles artists including, AD, Tay F 3rd, Dupri of LOS, his younger brother, Rion Knuckles, and many more, this project is looking to be the summer’s hottest urban mixed tape yet.

Majority produced by the talents of The Klassiks, H2H gives listeners an old school urban feel by sampling popular songs from the 90’s that many people still love to this day. The tape also includes sounds that are popular on the streets today, giving it a feel for everyone to enjoy.

The music featured on H2H deals with the lifestyle of being raised in the hood, the perception of women, and the joys of residing in Hollywood, Ca. from JohnBoyCOOL’s perspective.


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  • No doubt JBC’s peaceful neighbors are happy to see him strapped with an automatic firearm, protecting their neighborhood from depressed victims of childhood abuse and neglect who mature into depressed teens and adults selling drugs and robbing their peaceful neighbors.


Infecting The Masses!