Joe Young to Launch Multimedia Company & Starts Anti Racism Campain with Truth Hurts & John Frusciante

International Rap Artist Joe Young is on the Verge of Launching a Full Fledged Entertaiment Company by the Name of World Wide Avenue. The Company will Provide Services around the Music & Entertainment Industry. “We will shy away from Ripping the Artist of you get out what you put in. Alot of Artist have Budgets but no Way to go because People be overcharging for Services” Joe Young adds. The Company will offer anything from Marketing to Promotion as well as Distribution.
Alongside of Preping his Album “We are Young” and Starting the Company World Wide Avenue  Joe Young will also Launch an Anti Racism Campain by the Name of “All Lifes Matter” Its not about Black and White its about coming together as a Nation under God. There are Beautyful People in every Race. the Campain will be Kicked Of May 12th with the Song “Naked” by Truth Hurts featuring Joe Young. The Song is Produced by John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
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