Jerry Heller Not Happy About NWA Biopic “Could Be Recourse”

Ruthless Records Co-Founder Jerry Heller makes a return visit to the Murder Master Music Show. When asked about the upcoming NWA film Jerry Said
At around 64:53

“I think there is nobody involved with that project that you are talking about that really has any inside information about what really happened. My book tells what really happened. We will stick around and see. I think if they don’t treat me properly I will have some kind of recourse there.”
A few minutes later when speaking about whether or not should Eazy’s kids play him  in the movie he said he would have gave them more consideration because that is the way that Eazy would have wanted it.
Jerry stuck around for over an hour speaking about everything form Eazy & NWA to his favorite flicks, the streets of Cleveland that he grew up on and much more!

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