International Special Drops The Yankee & Trilogy produced “Foreign”.
Part man, part myth, all legend…the name International Special has been spoken among those only of the highest caliber spanning from the block to the boardroom. Now he drops the Yankee and Trilogy produced “Foreign”.
After being loved and perhaps even envied by so many in the rap game and personally taking part in helping to orchestrate the success of many of today’s platinum artists and chart toppers, it was a natural progression for Special himself to finally pick up the microphone and show the world just how special he truly is. His first release is the melodic and infectious hit single “Foreign” which is a musical mantra to the way Special has lived his lavishly yet very real lifestyle. From his fleet of luxury cars to his designer clothes, everything about Special’s everyday life is nothing short of extraordinary. Whether you heard it first on HOT 97’s DJ Funk Flex show, Sirius XM’s DJ Kay Slay, or on the Breakfast Club with DJ Envy, the immediate response of “Foreign” has been proof positive that Special was a sure bet that will guarantee a multi-platinum double up.
Twitter: @YankeeCrownKing @TrilogyMuzik


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