Insane Segall Returns With “Medicate” The #420 EP.

Fresno rapper Insane Segall Medicate

Fresno rapper Insane Segall formerly of the 90’s rap group Insane & D-Mack returns with his 6 record EP dedicated to the 420 Movement. The album is titled ‘Medicate’ and is produced entirely by Insane.

Roll up a fat Dutch, Wood, or Sweet pack it right and stream the album while you Medicate at the smoke out.

Southern California »» Los Angeles/San Diego’s side of the Siccness.

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1. I Got Purp
2. I’m on Weed
3. Pass That
4. Hemp Tale
5. Fa Sho Fa Sho
6. Loving You

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Fresno rapper Insane Segall Medicate

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