Indy Artist “YoungL” Drops “TRYL 2” The Mixtape

London was born in September, 1996, in Loma Linda, California. He was raised in Redlands California. London has expressed the artistic gift of a musical genius since before the age of 1 year old. He received his first drum kit at the age of 2 years and played for the church and in private gatherings for several years. He has some experience with the bass and lead guitar; no lessons~all instinct. He is a rising recording artist who has a knack for musical sound, clarity of pitch, and demonstration in vocal expression. He is talented in both rapping and singing. As a result of his ability to create, edit, engineer, and produce musical arrangements, he has gained the appreciation of listeners both local and global. He is known to his fan base as TheRealYoungL ,TRYL ,TheFreeStyleKing.

He shoots straight from the dome, never missing a note or beat. He attended high school, completed his educational requirement at that level, and received his diploma in June 2015. YoungL has performed in several stage presentations as an actor and worked diligently as a production crew assistant. He has worked in the sound and lights department and is electrical equipment savvy.  

YoungL is naturally talented in the performing arts industry; his skills are fluent in comedy and impersonations. He is an artist by nature; drawing and creative art work on hats, apparel, and shoes is his passion. He plans to continue his academic pursuit, as his desire is to excel as a videographer and an international producer. His love for music is immeasurable. His ultimate goal is to bless the world through his performing arts and musical career.

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