I’m Jus Sayin Tho Podcast w/Smigg Dirtee & Domaniece | 1st Episode

I’m Jus Sayin Tho Podcast! with West Coast Rap Artist Smigg Dirtee & San Diego/California Hip Hop Insider Domaniece..
the duo talks about many things in Hip Hop, Battle Rap, Current Events, Celeb Rumors, TV, Movies, Life, Relationships, Whats Hot or Not in The Streets, Unbias Opinions From Both a Male & Female Perspective with No Filter…

let us know how u agree, disagree with anything… anything u want to add or to speak about on next episode etc..
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email: [email protected]
IG: @SmiggDirtee2160 @Domaniece

IM JUS SAYIN THO – EP 0.5 (2017 Year Review) #SoundCloud

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