IAMSU! On “Kilt III”, Remaining Indy, Joint Album w/ Sage The Gemini & More!

The NEHipHop caught up with Iamsu! on his first headlining tour to discus his experiences so far as well as his reaction to the crowd here in Boston. He also let’s us know how he has personally grown over the course of the tour so far. Spilling a few details on his upcoming project we find out “Kilt III” will be coming out this summer and its going to be “The most bad ass way to talk about normal shit ever.” He goes on to explain to us why he has remained independent and how he feels its more beneficial to him. Moving along the Bay area native lets us know why he reps his hometown so much and what it means to do so. To finish out the interview we discuss his dream collaborations as well as an update on if we will ever hear a joint album with Sage the Gemini.

Shot and Conducted by Hantzley Audate (https://twitter.com/HantzleyxA)

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