I Know You Heard Of A Diss Track, But A Diss Record? “Philthy Rich Is A Bitch” The Mixtape!

mess copy

“There’s a rap beef in the bay area between Philly rich, Kafani and The Boy Boy Mess. The rap beef has left one shot 5 times (Kafani) And the gangsta rap.HIP HOP heads for mess’s reply to philthy rich New diss record.. Oh it’s on and popping in the bay area! I know you heard diss track but diss record? You mean a whole fucking album? Mess back on one! Available 10.22.2013


Twitter.com/ahundredplanes (the kush en kokaine kine)


– On behalf of the bOybOy (New Edmond Management)

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  • Bay Area rapper allegedly robbed, beaten in Reno

    RENO, Nev. (KRNV & MyNews4.com) — News 4 spoke with the attorney of the rapper Messy Marv (Marvin Watson) who says his client has filed an incident report with the Reno Police Department. Watson says he was allegedly robbed and beaten at gunpoint at the Circus Circus.

    Earlier today, we were contacted by Shane Carver who represents a Reno rapper, Velle Kayda, who was set to perform with Marv the night he was assaulted. Carver says Kayda was questioned by the police today about the assault, but wants people to know: he was not involved. Watson’s attorney says after his client was assaulted he contacted Circus Circus security for help, but the hotel did not respond to his calls.