Hyfe Deniro Says He Was With Messy Marv in Reno

The most-shocking story to hit the internet in a while was about Messy Marv. The veteran Bay Area rapper was beaten pretty badly over the weekend. Messy Marv had a show in Reno, Nevada, but he ended up getting beaten up and both his Instagram and Twitter accounts were hacked.

Messy Marv has since proudly returned to Twitter and taunted the people who attacked him. He is taking a little time off, but Messy Marv is still planning to hit the road for some more dates. Meanwhile, the people who were with him have begun talking.

MurderDog Magazine recently linked with Hyfe Deniro and they spoke on the situation. The situation was not good for Messy Marv or his camp, but Hyfe Deniro provided a bit of clarity. A danger for rappers who gain success is the possibility of this happening to them while they’re on the road, so take that to account.




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  • Cthu…this nigga talk to much and to fast. Thats a snitches way of talking. Listen how many times he threw that niggas Mess under the bus. A n++++ look bad on video admitting he was there when his “homie” got beat up and aint got no battle wounds…cthu. He said he was ready to fade when n***** was knocking on his door but I guess not witcha potna….lol. N+++++ is too funny. He said Mess aint holla’d at him yet…well then you shouldnt be on camera speaking on your boy until yaws attempt at talking to him is Null and void

  • This cat seems damn nervous and talking about money, I personally think this cat is suspect. Truely if this is your potnuh, you would feel a bit of compassion. If he didn’t answer the door, well to be frank that’s past tense, the fact is, he almost lost his life. Claiming u haven’t heard 4rm him, u could care less about your boy Mess.

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