Hurricane Chris Says He Plans To Sue Shreveport Police Department

Shreveport rapper Hurricane Chris was found not guilty of a 2nd degree murder charge earlier this year after a three year battle that he said cost him potentially over a million dollars in earnings.

A shooting occurred on June 19, 2020, outside of a Texaco store in Shreveport where police were dispatched and found 32-year-old Danzeria Farris Jr. shot in the chest, stomach and hip. Farris was rushed to the hospital where he later died from his injuries.

During the trial, Hurricane Chris (whose real name is Chris Dooley) maintained his innocence stating that he acted in self defense after Farris allegedly attempted to steal the rapper’s Mecedes Benz.

After 13 witness testimonies, the jury found Hurricane Chris not guilty on March 14, 2023.

On Monday, September 4, TMZ reported that the rapper is now preparing to sue the department for damages and lost wages claiming Shreveport police didn’t “properly investigate” the crime scene in 2020.

“What happened was you had officers outside of the car while I was inside of the car on the scene saying this is self defense,” Hurricane Chris explained in the video interview with TMZ. “Who walks around with a brick in their pocket? I would have did the same thing, everybody on the scene understood what happened but when the detective got me downtown and started questioning me, he started off with ‘hey you had a song on the radio, right?’ and from there everything went downhill.”

Hurricane Chris goes on to claim that the Shreveport Police didn’t investigate the scene because there were witnesses to the incident that were not approached until his legal team found them.

“They painted a picture of me like I was a villain in my own community, a place where I’ve never been convicted of spitting gum on the sidewalk or jaywalking,” he continued in the TMZ interview.

According to Hurricane Chris, he lost out on over $1.4 million dollars in and on a movie deal, several audition opportunities (including the popular series ‘Snowfall’) and more.

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