How To Correctly Submit Your Music To Rap Blogs & Online Radio

Artiststhe same concept that applies to your personal music collection applies to your music promotion –  it’s quality, not quantity. You don’t need to cover millions or even thousands of outlets when promoting your music. More quantity does not mean more chances to potentially get heard – it just means more waste.

Radio station djs and music bloggers are busy people, and they won’t just listen to a song the second an email pops into their inbox. Reviewers typically will screen new artists when time allows. Then, when a solid act is discovered, the Reviewer can act on it and contact the artist.

First Universal rule: Remember this! Never attach an MP3 file to in email unless specifically asked to. Instead, use a download link to your mp3 that also streams the music, like Dropbox or But you may attach your cover art and always be sure to include a brief description of your streamed content.

Second Universal Rule: With very few exceptions, sites will almost always accept a streaming link of your music at first. Streams are most convenient for screening your music. However, streams are not always that last step. Many types of sites will need more than just a stream, as you’ll find below & in the graphic.

Radio Stations


Preferred vehicle:   Hardcopy CDs

Might accept:          MP3s, EPKs with download links

Can’t use:               Streaming links, Videos

Most radio stations have staff working different hours, with no central digital database to store potential music for the air. CDs are much easier to share and pass around at a radio station.

Usually they prefer to screen your music first – so don’t waste a CD on a station that hasn’t heard you yet. A streaming + download link may be acceptable – but to air your music, the station will eventually need your digital file or hardcopy. Be ready to reply and get the station what they ask for.

Webzines & Blogs


Preferred vehicle:     Embeddable music player, Videos

Might accept:            CDs, digital press kits

Can’t use:                 MP3s

Bloggers share music in a different way than DJs; they do it digitally, usually with streaming links. Some webzines that do full album reviews prefer the hardcopy CD, but this is getting rarer.

MP3s are of no use to most bloggers – they don’t have the bandwidth to host a database of MP3s. Streaming links from Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify, and YouTube are so much easier. But keep in mind all bloggers are not the same. Here at the Siccness Network, we encourage both options with proper Meta Id Tags, and your contents ISRC number that is provided by your distributor.



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