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Skipp Townsend was a member of the Rollin’ 20s Avenue faction of the Bloods gang in Los Angeles for 27 years. He became a member of the Bloods in the early 1980s. According to Townsend, this was for protection from the dominant Crips gangs in his neighborhood. He discusses his involvement in drug dealing and gang activities, as well as being a target of drive-by shootings. Townsend speaks with Business Insider about his experience as a gang member, the recruitment, and the rivalry with the Crips. He talks about gang signs, culture, and music. He also covers the role of celebrities and groups affiliated with the Bloods, such as Suge Knight and Death Row Records, in gang prevention within California. After his release from jail, he began a career as a tow-truck driver and later founded the gang prevention and intervention organization 2nd Call to support local communities in LA, focusing particularly on the youth.


00:00 – Intro
00:32 – The Beef
03:00 – The Shoot-outs
04:04 – The Culture
06:30 – The Money
09:53 – The Rules
10:44 – The Hierarchy
13:44 – Going To Jail
16:10 – The Police
17:27 – The Aftermath
19:05 – The Future

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