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Houston rapper, role model, and downright stand-up individual, “Trae The Truth” have told stories about the streets of Houston for years now through his songs. The 6-foot-2 performer, known for his signature bejeweled grills and full beard, is larger than life when he’s onstage. But the 48,000-square-foot warehouse dwarfs him, just as he sometimes feels dwarfed by the task of distributing all this to hurricane victims.

Trae, 37, a Houston native, is among those who helped through direct, on-the-ground relief work.

He was rescued by boat from his west Houston home at the height of Hurricane Harvey’s flooding. Since then, he’s been working to rescue others. At first, that meant pulling people out of floodwaters. Now, he’s buying and delivering building materials for flooded churches and homes, along with local DJ Justin Rogers.

“I say I love this city,” Trae said. “I feel like anybody who says they love this city, this would be their obligation to try to help. I’m just doing what I’m able to do.”

Beyoncé, also a Houston native has been quietly aiding relief efforts. She and a team of volunteers from her nonprofit, BeyGood, volunteered for two weeks with her family’s church to help distribute free meals. Trae said Beyoncé has also donated bulk items to his effort, including mattresses.

This is the story about Trae and Relief Gang, the organization he started after the hurricane to help repair the city he loves, and the people that have given him so much.

But Trae isn’t the only celebrity that has devoted his time, resources, and efforts towards the Houston tragedy. Other Entertainers have also raised money through televised benefits. “Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief,” a Sept. 12 telethon featuring Justin Bieber, Beyoncé and George Clooney, among others, generated $62 million in donations.

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