Horrorcore Pioneer Ganxsta Nip recalls psychotic audition that led to deal with Rapalot

Ganxsta Nip has been on the Murder Master Music Show before but this time the “Horrorcore Pioneer” recalls his bloody audition with J Prince. This was back in the late 80s when Nip was still in high school,

but I am sure this had to be one of the craziest and most legendary auditions for Rapalot or any label!
“We in a small restroom with about 30 body guards and J asked me to rap. No music no nothing I was in that bitch by myself psyched the fuck out!  I was so psyched out bustin’ mirrors and blood runnin’ down my hand, real talk!”
With that being said you now have the birth of a genre of music that was created by Nip and coming soon he plans on proving it when he drops his new album “God of Horrorcore” which will be entirely dedicated to the late Lord Infamous.


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