Horrorcore Rapper “Ganxsta NIP” Changes Names and Drops Album with no Profanity

When it comes to Horrorcore Ganxsta NIP is the God of the genre, and with out a doubt one of rap’s most disgusting and vile lyricists the game has ever seen. In the 90’s albums like Rapalot’s “South Park Psycho” defined the style and set the bar real high. He wrote the classic song “Chuckie” on the Geto Boys timeless classic “We Can’t Be Stopped.”

In 2015 due to the senseless killings across the country, NIP, who is a known member of the Nation of Islam, changed his name to Brother NIP. Mosque 45 in Houston is well known for standing up for the rights of people who are targeted by crooked cops and Brother NIP wants to make positive, but street music aiming to reach the people.

On Christmas Eve Brother NIP returned to the Murder Master Music Show to chop it up with Prez & Mac Jay about his name change, His new album “Street Messiah“, and how a man who is known for his grotesque and explicit rhymes just made an entire album with out using a single curse word.

In the Youtube audio clip Brother NIP explains the new direction he is going in and why



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