Hoody Baby Releases “Haunted House”

(Los Angeles, CA.) – Young Money artists and close friend to Lil Wayne and Chris Brown, Hoody Baby releases a new record off of his Kitchen 24 Mixtape titled “Haunted House” .

About Hoody Baby: HoodyBaby, who was born in 1987, is a music artist, producer and songwriter from Dallas, Texas that works under 3 different names, which are all very different characters. As well as Hoody Baby (who has a cool persona), the other 2 names he goes by to tell his story in music are: Fat Leopard (who has a emotional persona) and Super Hood (who has a persona that represents his old self). He also has 2 very powerful friends in the music industry and they are Lil Wayne and Chris Brown.

In his early 20s, HoodyBaby used to go by the stage name HoodBoss and did a few features for Lil Ronnie and Tum Tum on songs such as “She’s All Mine“, “I’m From Dallas“, and “Backstabbers“. He didn’t really take his music career serious until he got shot and spent a couple of months in hospital where he decided that he didn’t want his writing and producing skills to go to waste, because if he stayed in the streets his only options would be jail or death. Hood officially signed to Young Money as an artist in 2015 and he also has a production deal with Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

Read more at http://www.youngmoneyhq.com/artists/hoodybaby/#3hvhuL87aqgOI0DC.99


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