Hip-Hop Museum? Grandmaster Caz Showed Us His Crib In The Bronx!

Grandmaster Caz is undoubtedly a real rap legend and the “epitome of pure hip-hop”. One of the first MC’s in the hip-hop history, active since 1974, first rapper-DJ, first hip-hop poet and crucial inspiration for MC’s like Rakim, Big Daddy Kane or Jay-Z. Lately immortalized in “The Get Down” series, as number 1 MC back then, also featured in Macklemore’s Platinum single “Downtown”.

When Caz invited us to his crib we were shocked… but we didn’t have an idea what was going to happen. When Uber was carrying us we saw that we were going strictly to the legendary South “Boogie Down” Bronx – place where hip-hop was born back in the ’70s. And Caz’s flat… turned out to be an amazing hip-hop museum in the heart of those projects!

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