Hip Hop Mogul Dr. Dre Goes From Headphones To CBD Oil!

Dr. Dre also is known to the business world as Andre Young. A Gangsta Rap vet that has also made millions in investing and eventually selling Beats Electronics™ in 2014 to tech giant Apple. For the past 3 years since the sale, Dr. Dre and former Beats™ co-founder, Jimmy Iovine, have put their time, money, and resources into developing their new, medical-grade line of cannabis oils and products. Dre reportedly put a whopping $100 million into research, development, and cannabis lobbying efforts.

It’s no secret that Dre has been a marijuana advocate since his early age. In fact, Dre is such a big fan of the plant that he named his albums The Chronic and The Chronic 2001. However, due to the extensive and proven list of health benefits, Dre shifted from marijuana to CBD Oil in 2010, around the same time he was diagnosed with diabetes. After being diagnosed, Dr. Dre set out to find the safest, most effective form of medicinal cannabis for treating this disease and others and to bring that product to the masses. Anti-inflammatory properties of CBD treat inflammation and improve the body’s metabolism. “Unlike insulin and other existing medications for diabetes, CBD actually suppresses, reverses, and cures the disease.” At 52 years old, Dre also suffers from acute stress disorder and insomnia. CBD influences regions of the brain associated with responding to stressful stimuli, resulting in benefits such as reduced anxiety. After 3 years of nonstop research and advocacy, those goals are finally in hand with the launch of his new, medical-grade line of cannabis oils and products–but don’t expect him to slow down anytime soon.

Now serving all U.S. Citizens, Daily Choice CBD is the product of nearly two decades of research spanning multiple continents and continuous, very personal investment by Dr. Dre. As founder, music magnate, and ongoing entrepreneur he has guaranteed to personally try every batch of cannabis concentrate he sells, having spent years learning how other companies process the plant for use in ‘medical’ products.


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