High End Radio (@highendradio1) 2016 Summertime Playlist

So you know that it’s about to be summer. And after a few requests that we shine some light on a few great up-and-coming artists with a playlist of summer heat, a playlist youll want to keep on repeat…we couldn’t say no.

.Welcome to your High End Radio summer 2016 playlist,made up of songs released over the last year or so; who needs another post saying that “Summertime” is a classic warm weather jam?Trust we steered clear of any huge hits,so what you’ll find is this mix is the soundtrack to some of your most epic summer moments .

1.San Diego’s Young Blesd “Big Body Truck”

Young Blesd – Big Body Truck

2.D.C.’s ,Fatz Da Big Fella “OK” ( @dabigfella )

Fatz Da Big Fella ( @dabigfella ) – OK

3.Bootsyano  ft. Minister Travis/Big June & Tru7h “Streets Is No Joke” ( @bootsyano )

Bootsyano Ft. Minister Travis, Big June, Tru7h – Streets Is No joke

4.Don Elway ft. Oso Ocean/12 Gauge Shotie/Sky Walker “No Cash Back” ( @Don_Elway)



Don Elway – No Cash Back ft.12 Gauge Shotie, OsoOcean, SkyWalker

5.Mr Caypre ft. Adonis Da Hottest “100” (@whoismrcaypre )

Mr Caypre ft. Adonis Da Hottest “100”

6.Nipsey Hussle Ft Young Thug & Mozzy –”I Do This

Nipsey Hussle Ft Young Thug & Mozzy – I Do This

7. Sonny Bo  –”Take Care Of Me” (@TheBonafide)

Sonny Bo (@TheBonafide) – Take Care Of Me

8. Lamont Andtwon  Ft C. Star –”Shot Callers” (@fcmg_exit_1)

Lamont Andtwon (@fcmg_exit_1) Ft C. Star – Shot Callers

9.Squeeky Stallone ft. Big Wy/Frenchie “All Night” ( @Squeaky_Stallone)

Squeeky Stallone @Squeaky_Stallone ft. Frenchie and Big Wy @BIGWY – All Night (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

.     10. T-Nutty & I Rocc ft. Looselyric/Key Loom “No More Mr Nice Guy’  (@IROCC619 )

T-Nutty & I-Rocc – “No More Mr. Nice Guy (feat. Looselyric & Key Loom)



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