Gucci Mane Attacks DJ After He Played A Leaked Song

In the South, Gucci Mane is known for being one of the biggest party rappers out. Along with the party music, Gucci Mane also is known for making unforgettable trap music. Outside of music, Gucci Mane has a reputation for getting into physical confrontations.

There is no question about how serious artists take their music. If a song leaks before schedule, artists tend to be livid. Those close to the music industry call most artists “sensitive” and Gucci Mane fits the description. Currently, Gucci Mane is working on his Trap God 2: Spring Break Edition and there is new music soon to be released from the project.

As reported by AHH, while at a strip club a DJ had spun an unreleased track of Gucci’s and this infuriated the Alabama native who then approached the DJ and started beating him. Details are murky, but apparently in addition to beating the DJ, Gucci and his crew smashed up his equipment.

Both police and paramedics were called to the scene, but Mane and his crew fled before being questioned by authorities. The DJ is reported as being in stable condition.

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