Google Strips Billions Of YouTube Views From Major Labels

Google didn’t wait for spring this year to do its spring clean up, recently taking away more than 2 billion views from Universal Music Group, Sony/BMG, and RCA Records. The slashing of views is likely related to shadowy dealings in the realm of Youtube views, as the companies are thought to employ an army of Youtube view manipulators.

Universal’s channel dropped a billion views, Sony/BMG dropped 850 million views, and RCA dropped 159 million views, stripping the labels of much sought after traffic. However, Google did not only aim at music corporations. YouTubers everywhere complained recently that their videos were mysteriously taken down, and even thought it may have been a mistake. Google proceeded to inform everyone with a video down that they had violated the terms of service by using automated methods of increasing views.

In an online thread, one 16-year-old individual was even specified as being a prominent seller of YouTube views, and claimed to have made $60,000 already using the scheme.


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