Glasses Malone & Ervin EP Pope Talk Cancel Deez Nutz Album & Their History, LA Giantz, Dr.Dre & More l FromTheDeskOfLo

Glasses Malone, Ervin EP Pope & Joey Westside (LA Giantz) came thou to talk about their freedom of speech while having fun that turned out to be one of the best west coast albums in the last 5 years titled Cancel Deez Nutz. We start off by how EP & Malone first met, Glasses’s history with LA Giantz, how a song that’s on the album sparked the idea for this album, Joey from LA Giantz tells us the duos history & how he met EP. Why it took 2 years for the album to come out, Glasses takes us memory lane by how he met Dr.Dre before The Game & what Dre told him that changed his life. EP not looping his production, EP learning lessons on every project he worked on, talking about songs on the album like MY NYK CORTEZ, THA LOCS & THE TALE OF WHITNEYS PLUG, Glasses long song titles inspired by PANIC AT THE DISCO!,
Keefe D, EP Producing Doctors Advocate, Joey & Deuce being DJ Quik’s nephews & is there a possible live album coming soon from them! Find out all that & more! LINK IN BIO!

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