Gaugr Presents- Dyvurse ” We Ain’t Hating”

Bay Area, CA – There are so many talented creatives seeking a platform to showcase their music and be heard. Law and Gary Archer recently created the Gaugr App that provides that exact platform.
Gaugr’s artist, Dy’Vurse, then took the concept and benefits that the App brings and created not only a dope track but teamed up with director Gino Rocks to develop a video visual that has given the viewers motivation to build amongst other creatives and tap into the movement.
Video was shot in Oakland at Mistah Fab’s “Dope Era” store and the Fox Theater. In San Francisco they got shots over at the Financial District on Market street, downtown. Gary Archer and Law made a special appearance on the video as well as the Turf Feindz, who has also danced in videos for YG, Kehlani, H.E.R, E40 etc. Gary Archer closes out the video on Sway in The Morning introducing the new app.

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