Ganxsta Nip is the “God of Horrorcore”

Over the last 2 decades Ganxsta Nip has created a genre of rap that has grown into something no one could have imagined. On the streets of Houston in the 1980s a style was born known as “Horrorcore” and when NIP signed to Rapalot Records  the rest is history. Once “Chucky” by Bushwick came out on the classic Geto Boys album “We Can’t Be Stopped”, the Psycho of this rap game was just starting his reign of terror. He wrote the song for Bushwick and Tthe following year Nip released the classic album “South Park Psycho” and along came a new phase of rap terrorizing the underground coast to coast and country to country. 

Acts like ICP, Brotha Lynch Hung, and others started to gain popularity, but who started it all? If you ask the South Park Psycho himself he will tell you he did. In fact in the new song

“Who Can F–k Wit Me” he says

“When it comes to psycho shit Im the best there can be…..It aint a n–ga in America thats fuckin’ wit me…If it is then I would like to know his name….if it is then I would like to eat his brain”

The new album “God of Horrorcore” is available for pre-order and is full of the kind of music that Nip’s fans around the globe can appreciate. He is also dedicating this new release to Lord Infamous(RIP), whom he never had the chance to collaborate with.

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