Gang Violence Erupts At Mozzy Concert

What was supposed to be a West Coast Hip Hop show turned into a melee.

North Park Observatory which is one of the few venues left in San Diego to support the inner city underground scene where where artists such as,Don Eway,Shawn Rude,& Lil 8 all scheduled to perform before Sacramentos rising star, Mozzy who was the nights headliner.

From witness accounts the show went  pretty well most of the night, 4 songs into Mozzy’s set, tension began building in the building of several hundred concert goers, when fists started flying. Stage props along with speakers were hurled across the venue.

The Sacramento Rapper was escorted off the stage while security tried to regain control of the evening. Fortunately no shots were fired, but Hip Hop has received another black eye, and has crippled the San Diego hip hop scene. Mozzy was unavailable for comment, but stayed tuned as we will keep you posted.

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