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Intro/Outro beat by: BLOODBLIXING Intro (0:00). The Plug (0:21). The Interview (1:49). There’s a reason why people say that traveling and seeing the world is good for you. It naturally expands your worldview and exposes you to different ways of living, and thinking. In other words, it makes you smarter and more interesting. Both things apply to today’s guest, NY-based rapper Gabe ‘Nandez. Gabe has spent much of his childhood and early adulthood living cross-continent, which has fueled his music with worldly perspective, and colourful multilingual elements. With one of the most rapper voice rapper voices you’ll ever hear, Gabe has delivered some of my favourite albums of the year. Pangea dropped months ago, fully produced by the electric Tony Seltzer. H.T. III, his latest album fully produced by argov, which just released today (September 20, 2023). Listen on to hear how Gabe crafted these recent albums, and the inspiring story about how music quite literally saved his life. How Gabe’s cross-continent childhood influenced his music (2:10). Incorporating French into Gabe’s music (7:14). Gabe priding himself on being unique (12:38). How it felt being featured on billy woods’ Aethiopes track, “Sauvages” (13:43). How Gabe cultivates confidence within himself (17:32). What inspired Gabe to pursue rap (21:12). How rap saved Gabe’s life (23:46). Working with Tony Seltzer on Pangea (27:48). The idea of “collective unconsciousness”, as it relates to the making of Pangea (31:25). The significance of H.T. III serving as the follow-up to Gabe’s debut album from 2014 (35:15). What inspired Gabe to link up with argov to produce the entirety of H.T. III (37:18). Lyrical themes on H.T. III (38:41). Upcoming / current work from Gabe (44:22). Support Gabe Nandez’s music here:  Follow Gabe ‘Nandez on Twitter here: 

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