Fresno Recording Artist “Willie Mac” Releases New Album “Ol Durty Bastard”

If you haven’t been paying attention to the rising independent rap scene in the “Central Valley” or more specifically Fresno, California. You might just be aware without actually recognizing it. The home of Planet Asia, Fashawn, A-Plus Tha Kid, Shake Da Mayor, Insane Segall and Diego Redd. Just to name a few that has helped lay down the foundation of the Cen Cal rap scene.

The home of the “559” Fresno’s area code, and it’s new emerging underground rap community. With up and coming new talents from the city Like , Delowe, YMPZ, Shawn Eff, Yvnng Ecko, Shady Ayeches, Vont Da Rosta and more, that have been doing ground breaking things for the city of “No Love”.

There are many other artist in high pursuit right behind them with intentions on making the same impact, and one of those artist is “Willie Mac” from the label “OK Thank You Muzik” who has release several titles like, “3zzz Believe It” (2020), “Cleanest From The Dirt” (2022), & “Durty Politics” (2023).

After dealing with several probation issue’s and has now been cleared to get back on his GO Missions. The West Fresno rap artist has teamed up with another local label “Bang West Entertainment/Empire Distribution”, to bring you his latest contribution “Ol’ Durty Bastard”.

The 11 song project comes accompanied with 3 videos, “3am In Salinas“, “I Really Mean It“, and “Never Needed A Hook“. The album was released on Feb 9th. 2024 and is soon to be followed up by his next project “It’s Macintosh”.


1. Free Swaggy PK
2. Quick 36
3. 3Am In Salinas
4. Never Needed A Hook
5. I Really Mean It
6. Ok Thank You Muzik
7. Mary Kate
8. Programmer
9. Too Brazy
10. No Truce
11. Showstopper



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