French Montana Wants To End 50 Cent Beef

Rappers French Montana and 50 Cent have been verbally feuding for several months. Despite the disses traded between them, French revealed in a recent interview that he harbors no bad feelings towards 50 and is done with the feuding.

“I try to keep it entertaining,” Montana told Angie Martinez. “Me and him don’t got no real problems. I guess I had said something in an interview he read and you know he probably just be looking for anything, he read it, sent the tweet out and I sent the tweet back but ain’t no problem with him. 50 is 50. Yeah, [laughs], you know, jean shorts with the knee caps showing. [Did he really wear jean shorts?] Man, there’s probably a couple of photos out there on the Internet, I seent it. Yeah, ain’t no beef, man. You know I’ve been doing good. I had a great year, I want to keep going. That man already did his thing, I feel like it’s my turn now. That’s all it is. Yeah, I don’t want to go back and forth with him, he already did his thing now it’s my turn, let me eat.”

Source – Hip Hop Blog

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