French Montana Talks Cocaine Brand, Warns Against Pursuing Career In Music

According to French Montanahis series of cocaine themed creations and his membership in the Coke Boys is really all about using the negativity associated with drug to build a name for himself. The rapper also spoke about getting a start in the music industry, and suggested that those looking to get into the game should think twice.

Montana explained that associating his work with cocaine was designed to draw attention. “Everyone associates cocaine with something negative. But negativity grows the fastest,” Montana told USA Today.

Montana also explained his reasons for signing to Bad Boy and explained the Diddy’s attention to his career was a major plus. “My chemistry with Diddy is amazing, and I know if anyone can make it happen for me, he can. He doesn’t look at me like a paycheck, he cares for my career. I don’t want to be just a rapper on the roster; I want to win the game. All you need is the right player,” said Montana.

Montana also explained that getting a start in music is a little harder than some might think. “I always tell people that they have a better chance at making the NBA since there are 18 spots on a roster, but the chances of making it as a rapper are even slimmer. I came from a third-world country, from nothing, and became something. I just wouldn’t take no for an answer,” said Montana.

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