For The Record: The Story of Latinos In Hip Hop

Latino's In Hip Hop
"FOR THE RECORD", is the story of Latin hip hop, it's roots and the impact it's had on hip hop as a culture.

For The Record: The Story of Latinos In Hip Hop is a documentary that showcases how Latinos have been a definitive force in the establishment, movement, and progression of Hip Hop. Starting at the beginning with people like DJ Disco Wiz, to artist like Pitbull taking Hip Hop into a whole other spectrum, to now, where new young latino artist like Snow The Product and Emilio Rojas are doing as grass root artist and adding their touch as emcee’s. Hip Hop is a culture. It’s not a “black” thing nor a “white” thing, this is a Hip Hop thing. This isn’t Latin Hip Hop either. This is the story of Latinos who took part in a cultural movement in America that we all call Hip Hop.

We start from the beginning and speak to those who paved the way. We discuss the struggles they had, the sacrifices they made, and the pivotal moments that changed for them or inspired them to take Hip Hop where it is today. This film is not only to inspire and educate a new generation, but to also speak to a generation who now may have been inspired by those who started in the early parts of this movement and hear the stories of a people, never before told.

Latino’s have been leaving their mark in Hip Hop since it’s creation in the 80’s and we have finally made our voices heard. Now, it’s time to tell our story… For the Record!

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