Footage of Tupac Shakur’s final birthday (25)


Seventeen years have passed since Tupac Shakur passed away. On one of his posthumous tracks, Tupac Shakur rapped about how he is always prepared with new music. Recording so much music, Tupac Shakur’s camp released albums from him until 2004, consistently. Due to the large volume of music, many felt Tupac Shakur was still alive.

People will still have their theories, but most have agreed Tupac Shakur lives only in memories, songs, and videos. In 1996, Tupac Shakur was gunned down in Las Vegas and he died six days later. From the look of things, Tupac Shakur had a big year planned, as he first released All Eyez On Me and then prepared his Seven Day Theory album, which came out after his death.

Every year, something exclusive from Tupac Shakur during this period of his life leaks to the internet. Over the weekend, footage from Tupac Shakur’s twenty-fifth birthday party was leaked to the internet. Among other media outlets, Vlad TV has the footage of the celebration, which came when Tupac had much to celebrate.

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