Fed-X of the Mob Figaz Brings the Nation ”Turfed Out Mafia Gang”

(2-CD set) Their previous album was featured in Murder Dog Magazine as a featured title. The group is widely respected as the next generation of Mob Figaz. Fed-X of the Mob Figaz has taken the group under his wing to bring the nation ”Turfed Out Mafia Gang”. The album is said to be a classic. Available now via Amazon.

1 Intro feat: Tha “G” Hussein
2 Y’all Niggaz Know Me feat: Sac Sin
3 Weed Pillsz Powdah feat: Turf Talk
4 On Da Move Again feat: Doebonikz / Sac Sin / Tay Slim
5 feat: Doebonikz / Sac Sin
6 Bird Flu feat: Sac Sin
7 All The Lonely People feat: Doebonikz
8 Blow Out Cha Brainz feat: Doebonikz / Tha “G” Hussein
9 Hip Hop feat: 80s Babies
10 Ima Turf Baby feat: Young Gasz
11 Good DIe Young feat: Doebonikz / Sac Sin / Fed X
12 Northern Cali Real feat: Reece Reece
13 From Small Time to Big Time feat: Tha “G” Hussein
14 I Put Dat on Me feat: Doebonikz / Sac Sin / Tay Slim

1 TMG Intro feat: The Jacka
2 G You Not! feat: Tha “G” Hussein
3 We Turfed Out feat: Doebonikz / Tha “G” Hussein
4 One of Da First feat: Tha “G” Hussein
5 Heaven or Hell feat: Tha “G” Hussein
6 We Flip Chips feat: Cali / Macrhuger
7 Don’t Hate feat: Doebonikz
8 Message From Da Mob feat: The Jacka / Fed X
9 Resurrect Da Word feat: Tha “G” Hussein
10 Hit a Nigga in His Shirt feat: Tha “G” Hussein
11 Paper Depression feat: Breadleon / Doebonikz / Tha “G” Hussein / Sac Sin
12 Dis Shit Right Hea feat: Young Gasz
13 Ghetro feat: Doebonikz
14 Mob Life feat: The Jacka / Sac Sin / Fed X
15 Hello feat: Young Gasz
16 60 Bars feat: Young C
17 Roll Wit Da Mob feat: Doebonikz / Sac Sin / Fed X
18 I Remember Growin’ Up feat: Tha “G” Hussein
19 I Know You Watchin’ Me/Armageddon feat: Bay Bay / Chazcalibur

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