Faeva Afta Recording Artist, Taylor MDNA, Releases Highly Anticipated Debut Album “Punk Hop” Hosted by Legendary DJ CLINTON SPARKS

Taylor MDNA’s debut album “Punk Hop” is available online!

Previously signed to Chuck D’s label “SlamJamz” in 2012, Taylor MDNA’s former band, “C U Next Weekend,” played over 50 shows nationwide. While touring, Taylor MDNA opened for acclaimed artists—some of which include Public Enemy, The Memorials, and The Cataracs. Most recently, Taylor MDNA has created an outstanding collection of music; one which simultaneously pushes and merges the boundaries of psychedelic rock, punk rock, and hip hop.

With music written and produced by Dan E?ectric and presented by Clinton Sparks (mixtape version), “Punk Hop” has undergone multiple transformations over the last five years. With 7 fresh new songs, as well as 3 songs from the previous EP, this 10 track album introduces a unique brand of alternative creative genius.


The “Punk Hop” Track Listing Includes:


1. Twitch

2. All She Really Wants

3. Broken Heart Surgery

4. Rude Awakening

5. If I Fall

6. D.R.S.

7. Medusa Stoned


9. Selfish (Pick Ur Poison)

10. Wunder Years

“Taylor MDNA skews more rock than hip-hop. The songs are power-chord heavy and often climax with a sprawling guitar solo. And the group uses fast, propulsive rock beats rather than the programmed drums of hip-hop. Nonetheless, Taylor MDNA (and “The Action Figures”) still straddles the line between genres — which might be the key to its success.”

-Eastbay Express

“A great combination of high and low energy, both able to move you. That’s a quality that develops over time from good musical chemistry, I am very impressed with the Taylor MDNA project.”

-CHUCK D (Public Enemy)

“I blend genres, adding all the flavors I can, coming out with a united sound that I hope every kind of person will love. I’m not afraid to experiment and push past what people expect of popular music. The result is a sound that you can’t quite put your finger on, just like my city, and just like me. All I ask is that you roll with me on this journey.”



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