Exclusive: Snoopy So Fly Speaks On New South Records & More

Snoopy So Fly is the C.E.O of New South Records located in New Orleans, Louisiana. New South Records was initially a group; however Snoopy So Fly is the only remaining member from the original group. He has since formed a new team, and is working in several different areas of entertainment. This talented artist has worked with many established artists, and currently working on projects with his groups of diverse entertainers.

Recently forming a partnership with L.A.-based LRT Entertainment, New South Records and Snoopy So Fly are looking forward to a promising future in the music industry. With LRT Music/Ingrooves/Fontana by his side, his new sound and catchy hooks will take everyone by storm.


Siccness.Net caught up with Snoopy So Fly to find out a little bit more on Snoopy So Fly and New South Records!


How do you feel that Snoopy So Fly either differs or compares to what’s currently going on in music?

Well, comparing Snoopy So Fly in music is like comparing cocoa beans to chocolate, basically saying Snoopy So Fly is music. He differs in so many ways it’s hard to say. From his look to his sound the style is fly and his swagger is groovy! No rendition of any other artist, Snoopy So Fly is a complete originator! The man is dope, Straight like that!

What’s the current single you’re utilizing to bring attention to the Snoopy So Fly project?

We’re currently in the works promoting the new single “Str8 Like Dat” from the album “The Come Back Is Greater Than The Down Fall”! With the vision that this new sound, new feel, new vibe open up the doors that leads down the right path.

New South Records is the label.  What are the plans for the label and what other types of music and artists will New South Records be putting out?

New South Records is planning to become an elite independent label that allows the many flavors of New Orleans to be shown. For many years our people have been forced to leave New Orleans in search of labels to help get them to the next level! Well, New South is here to change that, no more leaving. New South Records will be releasing all types of genres of music, artists, events and anything needed to put New Orleans back on the map like it should be!

Besides, of course, putting this project together, what other endeavors are you pursuing, both personally and professionally?

Movies, Snoopy So Fly is a big movie lover. Besides the music Snoopy So Fly feels naturally connected to acting; he’s a character all together. Personally and professionally entertainment is what Snoopy So Fly has been blessed with so on that note he plays the cards he has been given and he loves it!

How would you describe or define the style of music you create and perform?

Original, up-tempo, groove-moving hip-hop, Snoopy So Fly is full of flavor, style, and swagg. Combining Rock, Hip-Hop, and grown-man swagg Snoopy So Fly’s music and performances brings life to all parties! He just has that energy that makes you move, the new sound that makes you groove, and the message that passing on knowledge while having a good time! And it’s a complete joy to watch me do my thing!

To date, what has been your greatest career moment?

As of right now I would say it would be signing New South Records to its first independent label deal with Ingrooves/Fontana/LRT Music group and building the brand up to what it is today!

On a more serious note, are you happy with the current state of music in general?

Not really! Even though music has evolved to a much more wide spread audience and is in the digital age, it makes it that much harder for artists who lack the financial backing or proper budgets to get out. Even with so many outlets nowadays, everywhere you look you see people being paid off to put on talent and a lot of the new artists suck! But they either have the funds or know a few people that grease some pockets, so now we have a epidemic of pretenders living other artists dreams! And it shouldn’t be like that, what happened to having the gift!!

Looking ahead, say five or even ten years from now, where do you see yourself?

On top of the game or right there in the mix with the heavy-hitters of my time, the people who put the work in to maintain and make a legacy like those who paved the way for Snoopy So Fly and New South Records.
For the immediate, coming up we have radio interviews, shows and meet and greets in California, showcase concerts in Louisiana, the Stop the Violence Tour, and preparing different TV shows, short films and music videos.

Where can fans of Snoopy So Fly reach out to you and get more of your music?

All over the place! www.NewSouthrecordsllc.com, Snoopy So Fly on Facebook, Snoopy So Fly on Twitter, Snoopy So Fly on YouTube, and really if you just Google “Snoopy So Fly” you can get a look at where he’s been who he’s met and worked with.


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