Exclusive: Mac Minister Talks Source Awards Fight, Mike Epps & More

Mac Minister who’s real name is Andre Dow was profiled on an episode of America’s Most Wanted, allegedly responsible for the murder of Anthony Fat-Tone Watkins in Las Vegas, Nevada, in retaliation for the murder of Bay Area hip-hop legend Mac Dre. After a 10-month manhunt, Mac was apprehended by the FBI on the evening of March 2, 2006 while hiding out in a San Francisco apartment, becoming AMW Direct Result Capture #879.

Siccness.net caught up with the San Francisco native for his first exclusive interview in over 7 years. From contributing his works to artist like Snoop Dogg, The Game, E-40 and Too Short, to now calling a Nevada State prison cell his home. In part 2 of this interview we continued where we previously left off, asking about those who have helped him since he have been down. When asked about fellow Bay Area OG JT The Bigga Figga, Mac would take explain in full detail how his disruption with E-40 and his camp happen to come about, which ultimately caused a well publicized brawl at the now defunct Source Awards.

Check out part 1 on this interview at: http://siccness.net/exclusive-mac-minister-speaks-on-the-events-that-lead-to-his-incarceration-more

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  • First off it was good hearing from the old school and i was really digging news he was giving all the way up to the second e40 temper tantrum. I’m baffled by the hostility still held yet baby aka the stunna gets the pass for not letting his boys follow protocol. E40 folks did what they was suppose to do which was back they leader bu on the flipside birdman,because the Minister was specificly his guest left that nigga Mac out to dry. Which inturn looks like he ain’t no better than yo sahab. So let go and let God cuz we all grown up now. #wiserStateofMind

  • Ive always been a big fan of Mac Minister but I didn’t know real niggaz attempt to file lawsuits for disrespecting another man and get mad a nigga take off on em and get jumped.

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