Exclusive: Mac Minister Speaks On The Events That Led To His Incarceration & More!

http://siccness.net/vb/f5/ – Mac Minister who’s real name is Andre Dow was profiled on an episode of America’s Most Wanted, allegedly responsible for the murder of Anthony Fat-Tone Watkins in Las Vegas, Nevada, in retaliation for the murder of Bay Area hip-hop legend Mac Dre. After a 10-month manhunt, Mac was apprehended by the FBI on the evening of March 2, 2006 while hiding out in a San Francisco apartment, becoming AMW Direct Result Capture #879.

Siccness.net caught up with the San Francisco native for his first exclusive interview in over 7 years. From receiving platinum plaques fro contributing his works to artist like Snoop Dogg, The Game, 2 Pac, E-40 and Too Short, now calling a Nevada State prison cell his home. We spoke with Mac Minister about his case, new evidence and hopes for a new trial, the people who have been in his corner and more. Check out part 1 of this interview and check back with us for the other half of this explosive interview later in the upcoming days.

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