Exclusive: J.O. Jetson Talks New Video “Whirlwind”, & More

As a southern native born in Nashville, TN, J.O Jetson moved with his family to different locations across the country as a child including the Midwest, Chicago, IL, St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN and Houston, TX. During those years he was influenced by and embraced many different styles of music. Through the years he played and performed various styles of music from Rap, Hip Hop, Pop and a few other styles until he found his niche.

Jetson has since performed with such well-known artists as Lil Wayne, Juvenile, Rick Ross, Juelz Santana, Asher Roth, Twista, Paul Wall, Baby Bash, Snoop Dog and others.

His latest single “Whirlwind” won “Song of the Year” at the Twin Cities Urban Music Awards and has been buzzing since 2012.  J.O. Jetson sat down with SIccness.net for an exclusive interview.

JO Jetson



Tell us about yourself and who J.O. Jetson is? 


J.O Jetson is a Pop EDM, Dubstep rap artist. My sound is influenced from where I’ve been through my walks in life. Southern Sounds, funk, hip hop and EDM have major awareness in my sound and brand. I started off heavy in the urban circuit in my younger years, developing my craft, which would eventually help me find myself in my passion for music, and mold me into the artist I am today.


How do you feel that J.O. Jetson either differs or compares to what’s currently going on in music?


It compares to the new age of hip hop, since the culture, sound, and Music is always changing. Hip Hop is always evolving just like everything else in the world. My sound has no boundaries, consists of three or more genre of music that have influenced me as a fan as well as an artist. I feel stepping outside the box and creating music that touches more than group or genre of people, is the definition of a major artist, which now a days is few and far between.


What’s the current single you’re utilizing to bring attention to the J.O. Jetson project?


Our current single is “Whirlwind”, which opens you up to our sound, music and way of life. Our songs are heavy based, and set the tone for the club scene. I’m known for bringing the party to your door step or in the club, so you know when you here J.O you know you’re going to get a high energy fast pace track to party and dance too. Whirlwind brings you to that world through the lyrics as well as the production. We putting the fun back in music for the true club junky if you know what I mean


The video for “Whirlwind” seems to be doing very well since its release.  Who directed the video, and how did the concept come together?


The video was done by Dream First Born, and the concept was created by a collective. We just wanted to keep it original to what we do in our city, and show people our culture where I’m from. It displays what we do for fun, how we like to party, and our style and what we about. We show the nightlife of our city as well as our party scenes, and what Midwest has to offer in an artist stand point. The video is pretty different in a sense. Blacks and Whites kicking it in the northern hemisphere part of our country drinking Jack Daniels at a cabin shooting guns and driving mopeds, isn’t your typical scene on a music video. Strange but so real! Just as real as any other cultural differences you see in other music videos.


You have been able to perform with several big-name artists, which is quite a feat.  Snoop Dog, Twista, Lil Wayne are high-profile entertainers who command big crowds.  How have you been able to get involved with artists such as these? 


By networking and staying on show circuits whether the venues where big or small, it’s all about getting out there. A lot nowadays is internet –based, emails, social sites, websites, so it’s hard to interact with artists on these platforms, but keeping your name in the street in these different cities, and traveling outside your city helps you get to these type of artists. It’s all about meeting people and networking, and people gotta see you in person just as much on line to feel you. People relate more in person than on screen, and that will never change.


J.O. Jetson is currently signed with LRT/Ingrooves, how did that opportunity present itself?


Promoting my brand and pushing my single opened new doors and opportunities all across the board for me to push my music in more outlets. Some business was good, and some was bad. I’ve had my fair share of false promises, and money lost, but you live and you learn, the things that happened made me a stronger person an a better business man, and lead me towards a better direction which was Fontana Ingrooves .
Besides, of course, putting this project together, what other endeavors are you pursuing, both personally and professionally?


I would like to put other music artist from Minnesota on where I’m from, and I’ve always thought about acting. I did some modeling in my younger years and some theatrical dramas. To me sky is the limit and music is not my last conquest in the entertainment biz.


How would you describe or define the style of music you create and perform?


Vibrant, High Energy, Fun, global, international, intense, and fast pace. Something to dance to, something to party to, and something that brings people together in all walks of life.


To date, what has been your greatest career moment?


I’d have to say going to the Grammy’s of 2015. I was able to get an inside look of what i believe is next for me to come. Also getting an inside look on my competition, which to me there is none, if I stay in my own lane, my only competition is me.

On a more serious note, are you happy with the current state of music in general?

Yes and No, I love all the new different types of music and style in hip hop, but i hate how corporate and corrupt the game has become, and how they exploit artist, which makes it harder for an artist. I also think it takes from the music and the culture, but this is very common in all sorts of business.

Looking ahead, say five or even ten years from now, where do you see yourself? 


As a successful entertainer, and entrepreneur, as well as a young African American entrepreneur.  Our people have come a long way, and hopefully my legacy will show the same thing.

As for the immediate, with “Whirlwind” buzzing pretty well, what’s next for J.O. Jetson? 


The L.O.T.P is dropping this summer, be on the lookout for tours and shows. I’m also working on some fashion with some designers for the Jetson life. We’ll have some product to show this fall. Be on the lookout for more music and mixtapes dropping soon. We’ll be attending major events attending SXS WEST in Austin TX, and Coachella in Palm Springs.

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