Exclusive: Comedian Shang Speaks On Game & Young Thug Beef.

Veteran comedian Shang, (BET,Polically Incorrect,Shangry etc)
during a recent interview was asked about the current Game & Young Thug’s, instagram fueled beef.

During a recent sit down with High End Radio’s Joe Blakk,Shang expressed his opinion when it came to the Instagram posts from both Game & Young Thug,
Shaang goes on to ask…” Why are these cats beefin amongst eachother instead of people that REALLY make a difference in their careers”?

Going at your peers gets you what? Game beats up Young Thug…then what? Back to court…again?

“Shangry” is Shangs current album available NOW! Keep up with Shang atIAMSHANG.COM #boom

reported by, Same Cloth

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