Exclusive: Boston’s Loose Cannon Details How He Took Waka Flocka Affiliate 808 Mafia’s Laptop

One of the hottest trap producers in the game right now, Southside has been making beats for the likes of Young ThugFuture, and many other artist in the Atlanta rap scene. Of course, becoming a famous producer has its risks, as a thief has stolen Southside’s laptop. Word on the internet is that Waka Flocka may have had a tough time in Boston. A local rapper named Young Cartel is claiming that he “kicked” Waka Flocka and his crew out of a Boston restaurant, and also provided video of the alleged incident via Instagram.

Whitey Bulger of the podcast “The Whitey Bulger Show” on Siccness Radio, caught up Loud Cannon Wild in Boston the alleged thief’s manager. The following interview with Loud Cannon after his repeated run ins with Waka Flocka and his 808 Mafia producer Sizzle. Loud Cannon and his artist Young Cartel reportedly stole the producers laptop off the Waka Flocka Flame tour bus in 2013. Because snitching on yourself is the new thing among young rappers, Cartel then recorded a video demanding 50K for the return of the stolen laptop, and circulated it on social media.

The self proclaimed “Street Kid” has realized that extorting someone might not be the smartest way out of this beef with the reported Blood gang member Waka Flocka and his legion of followers. It seems the Boston, Hustler is looking to Give the Laptop back. Check out the full 15 minute interview and let us know your thoughts. below in the comment box.


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