Estee Nack Drops His Latest Project “Nacksaw Jim Duggan”

Estee Nack Drops His Latest Project “Nacksaw Jim Duggan”. The project contains a total of 14 tracks. Peep the tracklist below for further details on the project.


01. Nackman Coletrane (Prod. By Denny Laflare)

02. Mass Money Wires (Feat. Al.Divino) (Prod. By Crucial The Guillotine)

03. Bonductor We Have A Problem (Prod. By Conductor Williams)

04. Angel Dior (Prod. By JR Swiftz)

05. Green Celophane (Prod. By Camoflauge Monk)

06. Fetty Guerrero (Feat. Al.Divino) (Prod. By Denny Laflare)

07. Strawberry Milk (Prod. By Denny Laflare)

08. Knowledge Wisdom (Feat. Kingasiatic Allah)

09. We Made History (Prod. By Cee Gee)

10. Mini Mansion Bartel (Prod. By Ewonee)

11. Tal Commando (Prod. By Crucial The Guillotine)

12. Vanilla Skies (Prod. By JR Swiftz)

13. Space X (Prod. By Rambizzle)

14. Old Nack Donald Had A Farm (Feat. Westside Gunn) (Prod. By Crucial The Guillotine)

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