Eligh : The House List Podcast Episode 80

Unsung could easily be one way to describe the very special guest for our show’s 80th episode. Los Angeles native son, master-emcee, ASR-10 pro-producer Eligh generously sat with us out in Van Nuys as we delved deep into his story & catalog (focusing primarily on his extensive solo catalog). From as young as age 15, Eligh’s rapp was a gripping, vivid double entendre, steamed in reference, innuendo and triple-time insanity. With a distinctive ability rap couplets on couplets while sounding perfectly articulate. We try and crack that nugget. As a latch-key kid with innate skill who would create some of the late 90’s ‘West Coast Underground’ era’s more distinctive yet lowkey works (‘The March’, ‘Everyday’, ‘1998’, ‘Makeshift Message’, ‘Nightlife’, etc etc) all whilst couch surfing. The conversation is more an account of the journey leading to present day – you’ll hear it. Eligh just created a Pateron to engage with fans, providing them a long-running series of exclusive songs & art all to be found here: patreon.com/eligh and elighmusic.com – enjoy the talk and thank you for the continued support. Spread the word to your folks! – The HouseList

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