E-40’s son ISSUE releases ‘Azure Dreams’ mixtape


Here’s what Noisey had to say:


What we know about Issue: He wears a mask. He loves tea. He’s E-40’s son. These are just facts, albeit fascinating ones. Facts don’t make the man, though—sprawling two-disc, 30-song releases do, and this one’s a doozy. Issue takes us on a journey through peaceful, eerie soundscapes, his thoughtful near-spoken-word flow lighting the path. Cohorts like Little Pain, KOOL A.D., and Lofty305 spring from the shadows like strange Narnian creatures bearing blunted, worming verses. It’s Issue-time, though: prepare yourself for 90 minutes of sexual fantasies, vehicular fantasies, spiritual fantasies, a whole lot of tea, and a surprising amount of feng shui. Intrepid listeners will emerge on the other side with a new comprehension of the cryptic intelligence behind the mask. Pour up some Earl Grey, kick back, get down.



Disc 1


01. Alive (Intro) (prod. by Deebs)
02. Filthy feat. Little Pain (prod. by B00 Radley)
03. Airplane Mode feat. Lofty305 (prod. by Dirge)
04. Red Carpets (prod. by B00 Radley)
05. Waterfalls (prod. by Jonathan Cloud)
06. Yusuke Urameshi feat. Jonathan Cloud (prod. by Jonathan Cloud)
07. I Can’t Stand It (prod. by ISSUE)
08. On The Tab (prod. by Jae Marley)
09. Bentley (prod. by Bad Channels)
10. Too Wise G feat. Lofty305 & Grey Misst (prod. by ISSUE)
11. Turquoise (prod. by ISSUE)
12. Mystic Referee (prod. by ISSUE)
13. Regenerate (prod. by B00 Radley)
14. Why?! (prod. by William Sneddon)
15. So High (prod. by ISSUE)
Disc 2


01. Boss To The Third (prod. by Cex)
02. West Coast (prod. by BatmanOnTheBeatz)
03. Zonin feat. Kool A.D. (prod. by Keyboard Kid)
04. I’m The Twilight Zone (prod. by Hanz)
05. Los Angeles (prod. by B00 Radley)
06. Marble Beams (prod. by Caleb Stone)
07. Thank You (prod. by Tynethys)
08. Love You Like I Can (prod. by Chemise)
09. In The Back (prod. by Budha Tha Great)
10. Raging Bull (prod. by Cex)
11. Global Tycoons (prod. by Jonathan Cloud)
12. Philosophies (prod. by Joshua Heflinger)
13. Unity (prod. by B00 Radley)
14. We The Kings (prod. by Horse Head)
15. She Sends Me To The Clouds (prod. by Lil ‘Merica)
16. Bonus – The Chrome (prod. by ISSUE)

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