Dsteez on Sac politics, Brother’s passing, being black balled, MO3, prison, Opps, being sober & more


Time Stamp: 0:55 – Where to find him on social media 1:33 – How he came up with his name & the meaning behind Steez 3:55 – Where he’s from in Sacramento 5:45 – What it was like growing up in Sac 7:10 – Playing football for Grant High 8:15 – Getting expelled from Grant for fighting 9:10 – Going to juvenile hall & getting arrested at 14 for knocking out an 18 yr old 10:58 – Going to Burbank High 11:30 – His dad passing when he was 7 & the effect it had on his family 11:58 – His family being from the south and him being a first-generation Californian 13:28 – Going to college at Texas Southern University 14:45 – Passion for mentoring kids and still being involved with youth sports 15:10 – His thoughts on Sac politics and how it effects the music scene 15:45 – Hosting the Sacramento Bars Fest 17:00 – Being in prison when covid first hit & what it was like being locked up 20:33 – Prison giving him more street cred and building his popularity 23:00 – People trying to test him in prison for being a rapper 23:56 – How he killed time being locked up 24:50 – Importance of starting your own YouTube channel 25:10 – Does he like being independent or does he want to sign 25:45 – How he learned the business side of music 26:46 – His Brother’s passing 27:08 – How he linked up with MO3 28:00 – MO3 coming out to Sac and the importance of marketing yourself as an artist 29:13 – His “Diamonds Dancing” track blowing up 30:10 – Writing the whole “Boss Mode” album in prison 31:25 – Not sending his tracks to his friends before he releases it 33:27 – Not giving people 2nd chances 34:10 – Having a passion for music at an early age 35:20 – Not getting complacent 36:00 – Getting put on to gangs in Sac 37:00 – People putting up a front to act hard 39:25 – Opps slapping his music 41:50 – Being around his opps while being locked up & prison politics 43:20 – On the politics holding him back 44:05 – Being black balled 45:15 – Getting snitched on 45:50 – People snitching and acting like everything is good 47:05 – Being in Swamp Stories 47:45 – Should rappers check in when they go to different cities 49:36 – Being engaged and how fatherhood’s changed his life 51:00 – Would he change anything from his life 51:30 – Is being a rapper the most dangerous job? And the importance of conducting yourself in the proper manner 53:30 – Does he see himself getting out of the streets completely 54:38 – What new projects he has coming out 55:25 – His “Out on Bail” project & beating his robbery charge 57:48 – Not being on Innovator’s top Nor Cal rappers list 59:30 – Difficulty putting a solid team together 1:00:27 – What producers he’s rocking with 1:02:00 – Having a distinct voice 1:03:10 – What his recording process is like 1:03:40 – Being completely sober and why he’s never done drugs 1:05:25 – What something he brought from the streets that’s been able to translate in his music 1:07:16 – What song would he recommend to someone who’s never listened to his music 1:08:15 – Anything he wants to address before the interview wraps up

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