Dru Down Releases His Latest Album Welcome 2 Dru’s World

Dru Down has dropped his latest album entitled “Welcome 2 Dru’s World”. The album contains a total of 19 tracks. It features guest appearances by Dubee, Lee Majors, Dawndadutchess and more. Peep the tracklist below for more info as well as the spotify link provided for streaming


  1. Intro 1
  2. Getcha Girl
  3. Bad M.F.
  4. Ring Ding Dong
  5. Skit 5
  6. On Top Drip Drop (feat. Dawndadutchess)
  7. Fitness Funk
  8. Skit 8
  9. Hot Thot (feat. Mani Moe)
  10. What You Feel About Dru (feat. Mizz Kizzy)
  11. I’m Just Rollin
  12. Ball Out (feat. Lee Majors)
  13. That # (feat. Aloe)
  14. Stripper Anthem
  15. Hypnotize (feat. Kleef)
  16. Something About You (feat. Dawndadutchess)
  17. Skit 17
  18. P.I.I.M.P. (feat. Laroo & Dubee)
  19. Social Media (Pussy)

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